E-Learning Modules

As part of its continued effort to provide resources and training to small water systems, the Environmental Finance Network is creating E-Learning modules on finance and management topics for system managers.

E-Learning modules provide training through pre-recorded content. You will be able to access the content, watch presentations, complete quizzes and exercises, and access tools and resources at your own pace.

Financial Sustainability for Small Systems

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This eLearning course is made possible through a USEPA grant for small systems training in conjunction with the EFCN’s training partner, AWWA.

This eLearning course focuses on 3 major areas needed by small systems to achieve financial sustainability; including understanding enterprise funds and their revenues, as well as an overview of what is needed to protect public health through safe water.

The course is divided into three modules. The first module describes an enterprise fund and explains how to set-up, manage, and use those funds.

The second module covers enterprise fund revenues including their origin, what they should cover, and how to set up rates to cover expenses.

The third module illustrates the major elements of what it takes to provide safe water to protect public health, including major regulations and their role in water quality, common operational questions managers should address, and how to involve operators in management decisions.

Learning Objectives

Operating a Water System to Protect Public Health
  • Explain the health effects of regulations and water quality.
  • Answer common operational questions public works managers have about water systems.
  • Explain common ways a manager can involve their operators in management decisions.
Enterprise Fund Revenues
  • Explain the origin of enterprise funds
  • Explain what enterprise funds should cover
  • Demonstrate how to set rates to cover expenses
Understanding Enterprise Funds
  • Explain what an Enterprise Fund is.
  • Explain what an Enterprise Fund is not.
  • Describe what an Enterprise Fund should do for you.
  • Demonstrate how to set-up, manage and use your Enterprise Funds.


You may be awarded CEUs/PDHs for AWWA education programs by your licensing agency. AWWA grants Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this course at a rate of 1 CEU for 10 contact hours. It is the individual’s responsibility, before registering for any education program, to contact his/her licensing agency: 1. To confirm that the education program is acceptable for continuing education credit towards your particular license; 2. To confirm what you need to submit for credit approval.