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The EFCN creates lasting change one community at a time–starting with clean, safe water and how to pay for it. Our cutting-edge resources, hands-on training, and free professional services support thriving communities and protect critical environmental resources. 


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Leading the way in finance solutions for environmental infrastructure and improvement since 1992

Environmental Finance Centers have served local communities in all 50 states since 1992. In 2022, we celebrate our 30th anniversary as hands-on technical assistance and training providers.

Charting Progress: Celebrating a Decade of EFCN Serving Small Systems (2012-2023)

Discover our journey! This report showcases our contributions to small water and wastewater systems nationwide. Check out how we’ve made a big impact on small systems. Interested in learning about EFCN’s footprint in your state or territory? Navigate to page 3 and click on the map for more details.

EFCN Milestones 2012-2023 by Cristen Crew

See What Other Water Professionals Have to Share About EFCN

While we cannot know how every system uses the information provided, we do have a few examples below of feedback from communities that show how decision makers and utility staff  intend to implement what they learned from the training.

I really look forward to receiving the e-mail of the presentation so I can use it for reference as I create our first asset management plan.

Water Operator

The class helped me to set up a better way of presenting our needs and goals to the community and will help explain why our rates may have to go up to keep the system solvent.

Chairman & Operator

As someone who is new in this field, I found all of the components very informative. It helps to understand how water systems are affected and what they can do in response to the coronavirus emergency.

Regulatory and Compliance Engineer

Thank you very much for reaching out to me and our system, with this excellent and helpful webinar. If we are able to implement even ½ of the things I learned about tonight, that will be a start in the right direction; the future of our water company depends on such information, and such developments from our board.

Local Elected Official

Thank you so much for this webinar and offer to help! It makes us feel like we are not alone in getting through this time. Thank you so much!! You Rock!

System Manager