Educators Resource Hub

Welcome to Future Water Leaders! This page is for teachers, school counselors, utility staff, and anyone who wants to teach young people (K-12+) about drinking water, wastewater, and water reclamation and all of the unique and amazing jobs in the water field.

The Educator Resource Hub is your one-stop shop for water education curriculum, videos, information, tools, and more! Resources are arranged by type, age group, and learning objective.

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objective 1: Understanding the importance of water.
Learning Objective 2: Human-water interactions: Water governance, structures, community, ethics, civic engagement
Learning Objective 3: Understanding water systems: drinking water, stormwater, wastewater
Learning Objective 4: Understanding the value of water workers
Learning Objective 5: Career and educational pathways in the water industry: college, technical school, non-college careers
Learning Objective 6: Connections within the water industry: professional associations, networking, collaboration
Learning Objective 7: Connecting student to careers in the water industry
Learning Objective 8: Fostering water leadership in students: students as teachers, community outreach and education, support for local utilities