Our Leadership

Meet our team of Environmental Finance Center directors, representing all 50 U.S. states and its territories.

Martha Sheils

Director, New England Environmental Finance Center, EPA Region 1

Melissa Young

Director, Syracuse University Environmental Finance Center, EPA Region 2

Tess Clark Photo

Tess Clark

Assistant Director of Water Resilience, Syracuse University EFC, EPA Region 2

Jen Cotting

Director, EFC at Maryland University, EPA Region 3

Erin Riggs

Director, EFC at UNC Chapel Hill, EPA Region 4

Tim Colling Photo

Tim Colling

Director, Great Lakes Environmental Infrastructure Center, EPA Region 5

Heather Himmelberger

Director, Southwest EFC, EPA Region 6

Tonya Bronleewee

Director, Wichita State University EFC, EPA Region 7


Director, EFC Region 8

Ramzi Mahmood

Director, EFC at Sacramento State, EPA Region 9

Sarah Diefendorf Photo

Sarah Diefendorf

Director, EFCWest

Kristin K'eit Photo

Kristin K’eit

Environmental Finance Center Coordinator, RCAC, EPA Region 10