Expanding the Water Workforce

Across the environmental sector, communities and utilities are struggling to recruit and keep experienced staff. As older generations retire, ensuring that there is a pipeline of qualified candidates is a critical public health need. 

Water System Facility

Through a set of diverse approaches, the Environmental Finance Center Network’s workforce development initiative seeks to:

  • Directly assist systems with succession planning, recruitment strategies, talent retention, and brand development
  • Support and advance water sector professionals through innovative, work-embedded learning and training opportunities to help them grow as leaders in their field
  • Promote youth engagement and school partnerships in water and wastewater utility management to increase generational interest the water sector

Project Leadership:

Kristopher Dodson Photo

Khristopher Dodson

Associate Director
Syracuse University
Environmental Finance Center

Tonya Brownleewe

Environmental Finance Center
Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs
Wichita State University