Project WET

Provides “hands-on, science-based water education resources to formal and non-formal educators around the world. These resources encourage responsible environmental stewardship and promote meaningful action to address environmental challenges, climate change,...

Water Sourcebooks, EPA

From the EPA, a full, in-depth look at water. The Water Source Book includes a series of activities related to learning about water oriented at learners 6-8 grade. LINKS Water Sourcebooks, EPA

Water Education Program

Welcome to the Center New York Water Authority’s Water Education Program page where you’ll find fun, interactive, and educational videos and links for kids who love learning about water as much as we do! Check out all of these awesome educational materials to...

The Water Cycle

Hey kids! Ever wondered how it rains? Where does the water vapour disappear? Don’t worry, Dr. Binocs is here with all the answers. For more fun filled facts and learn videos stay tuned to The Dr. Binocs Show. LINKS The Water Cycle