Written by: James Markham, Research Engineer, Southwest Environmental Finance Center

Do you want to promote water conservation in your community, but aren’t sure where to start? Think you don’t have the time or staff to devote to the project? The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPAs) WaterSense Promotional Partner program is what you need.

You’re probably familiar with the WaterSense badge (pictured to the right) found on water-efficient appliances, but the WaterSense Promotional Partner program is specifically designed to help utilities of all sizes promote water conservation in their communities. WaterSense has a complete set of free, easy-to-use conservation tools to help you get started, fast.

It’s Free, and it’s Easy

WaterSense makes it simple by providing a suite of free, year-round, and seasonal conservation campaign and consumer education materials with professionally developed graphics, and messaging for print and social media distribution. Promotional materials can be used as is, or customized. If you’re in a hurry, simply copy and paste ready-made conservation infographics and messages into your utility newsletters, bill stuffers, social media feeds, and other communications. If you have more time, customize the campaign materials with your own logos and regional or community-specific messages. Current campaigns include:

  • Fix-a-leak Week (pictured below, center)
  • Save Water at Home (pictured below, left)
  • Your Better yard
  • Sprinkler Spruce-Up (pictured below, right)
  • Shower Better
  • Bathroom Campaigns
  • Outdoor/Drought Water Use
  • H2Otel Challenge
  • We’re For Water


And more are being developed all the time. Many campaigns are available in Spanish and other languages, and there is also a Spanish language WaterSense website


It’s Not Just Graphics

WaterSense also as has networking and program planning tools, a Community Based Social Marketing Workbook, and media tools like PSAs, press release templates, sample blog content, and op-ed tips. There are even tips for working with local media. WaterSense will help you start an efficient consumer water conservation campaign, or simplify your existing program.

It’s easy, it’s professional, and it’s free. Visit the WaterSense website to learn more about the program and consider becoming a Promotional Partner. You can complete the Partnership application online in no time and start getting your conservation message out to your community.