Source: Southwest EFC and EFC at University of Louisville
Publication: The Water Audit Handbook for Small Drinking Water Systems
Date: 2013

The first step in establishing an effective water loss control program is performing a water audit. The Water Audit Handbook was developed primarily for use by small drinking water systems that serve 10,000 people or less. It simplifies the process of using the AWWA/IWA Water Audit by grouping information and data entry into separate sections. Overall, the intended use of this handbook is to start as a top down or paper water audit that allows a system to identify what sorts of bottom up activities should be done in order to verify and improve the accuracy of water loss data associated with their water system. The intent of this handbook is not to replace the complete AWWA/IWA method. In simplifying the AWWA/IWA Water Audit Method, the water audit handbook makes it easier for small systems to begin getting used to Water Audit Method terminology and allows these systems to start the Water Audit process to begin seeing benefits in understanding what happens to the water in their system.