Source: EFC at UNC Chapel Hill
Date: 2019

In practice, the EFCs have seen interlocal water and wastewater agreements ranging from one page to over 30 pages. Longer is not always better, but the considerations laid out in this guidance document are a good starting point for identifying the types of things that should be included when drafting a new agreement or redrafting an existing one. These are not just ideas that the EFC at UNC has come up with; rather, there have been real, contractual challenges that have arisen from most of these, and thus, this guide should be thought of as a helpful tool to reference when drafting an interlocal agreement. It should spawn discussion and consideration of provisions that may simplify contractual relations down the road for entities partnering through interlocal water and wastewater agreements. Download the guidance document from the link above, and visit for more resources and information on the EFCN’s regionalization work.