Written by: Shannon Pepper, Research Scientist at the Southwest Environmental Finance Center

The Harvey Jones Channel Bioswale with New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains in the background. Photo by Shannon Pepper

Join us for the second podcast in a series exploring green infrastructure for small water, wastewater, and stormwater systems and utilities. Shannon Pepper, from the Southwest Environmental Finance Center, interviews Cameron Weber from Rio Grande Return, a nonprofit organization in New Mexico focused on ecological restoration of wetlands and watershed health. In this podcast we discuss and explore the Harvey Jones Channel Bioswale, a project that sits at the critical intersection of stormwater mitigation, source water protection, community engagement, and ecological restoration.

Below are still images from the project site at the time of recording the podcast on September 21, 2022 in Corrales, New Mexico. During this project, Rio Grande Return has planted 28,000 willow stems, 200 baccharis plugs and 120 cottonwood poles — listen in to learn more about the development of this “urban-adjacent” stormwater and source water protection project.

Backwater in the Harvey Jones Channel Bioswale. Photo by Shannon Pepper

Cottonwood and willow saplings in the Harvey Jones Channel Bioswale. Photo by Shannon Pepper