A School Counselor’s Guide to Great Water Careers

The resources in this guide will help you identify students who might have interest in a career in the water industry, provide students with resources about water careers, and build curriculum, lessons, or events that introduce students to water professionals and...

Asombro Water Conservation Data Jam (lessons and activities)

This unit was designed to introduce 6-12th grade students to data analysis and water conservation. We partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (https://www.epa.gov/) to design an engaging, fun, and scientifically rigorous education unit aligned...

Careers in Water

This portal provides resources and information regarding jobs in water, including descriptions of jobs, and state-specific resource lists to get more information about local organizations and job listings. LINKS Careers in Water

Crystalline Cloth Membrane Activity

In this activity students become environmental engineers as they model membranes and membrane treatments to remove scaling during water filtration using cheese cloth to represent a simple membrane. LINKS Crystalline Cloth Membrane Activity