Public health and employee safety is a priority for all water systems. Recently, Connecticut created new regulations surrounding hydropneumatics pressure tanks to ensure the safety of all individuals and continued water supply service. This webinar will review the new law and discuss factors that can contribute to the failure of this type of tank such as corrosion, age, and construction. It will also explore how to incorporate the new law into an asset management plan.

The second part of the webinar focuses on water loss. Unaccounted for water loss is a problem all water systems face. However, there are measures small community water systems can take to reduce loss. In this portion of the webinar, you will learn about tools available to quantify your systems water loss and how to establish an effective water loss control program. This webinar addresses requirements specific to the state of Connecticut. Presenters: Heather Himmelberger, Director, Southwest Environmental Finance Center This webinar was developed in collaboration with CT DPH Drinking Water Section in light of new state laws requiring Asset and Fiscal Management Planning for Small Community Water Systems.