What are PFAS? Why are they important?

In this introductory webinar, you will learn how these man-made chemicals came to be and what risks they may pose to your drinking water system. You will learn: Sources of PFAs and their pathway into the environment Risks and challenges PFAS may pose to water systems Differing approaches by various states Examples and case studies of drinking water impacts Presenters: Steven LaRosa, Senior Project Manager, Weston and Sampson – Steve is a Team Leader at Weston & Sampson focused on investigation, remediation and redevelopment of sites contaminated with hazardous materials. Since 2015, Steve has been one of the primary Weston & Sampson scientists in their Emerging Contaminants Group. Steve has investigated many PFAS-related sites throughout New England with varied sources and levels of impact. He is an active member of the ITRC PFAS Group and has presented on PFAS at numerous regional and national conferences.