Finding it hard to balance your utilities’ operational needs with the financial capacity of your customers? Understanding households’ expenses, including utility bills, can provide insight into how and when to adjust rates, develop assistance programs, and invest in infrastructure.

Empathy for community members allows us to consider options for the low-income, underrepresented, and underserved in our community.   The heart is being aware of and sensitive to the feelings and experiences of another person. We often try to understand another person’s situation by comparing it to our own knowledge. In reality, we may not be capable of fully understanding an individual’s unique experience because of the complexities and nuances that exist; however, being aware of the financial and situational challenges that our community members experience can help decision-makers make thoughtful, strategic, and equitable choices.

Empathy and affordability considerations impact the day-to-day operations of the utility as well as future financial planning. As equity and environmental justice become more regular considerations for community-level decision-making, this webinar will help you make balanced financial decisions for your utility and your community.