Many businesses, including utilities, use Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software to help them optimize their operations. The benefits of the software include: Maximizing asset performance, Improving tracking and reporting Reducing costs Improving workflow, Helping with compliance, health, and safety Accessing real-time information. If your utility struggles with any of the tasks listed above, you should consider some asset management software. The first half of this webinar will help utilities decide if CMMS or EAM software is necessary for their operations and will walk utilities through the process of researching companies. It will also provide utilities with crucial questions to ask companies about cost, ease of use, technical assistance, etc. This workshop will demonstrate two sample CMMS / EAM software solutions to present standard features and review typical business processes. The software demonstrations will be brief and focus on the types of applications that are standard with these types of software systems.

Presenters: Hayley Hajic, Research Scientist, Southwest Environmental Finance Center, Tim Taber, P.E., Barton & Loguidice