Funding Coordination

There are several potential sources of funding for water infrastructure, each with its own criteria for funding and application procedure.  Small water systems face numerous difficulties navigating these myriad programs and application procedures, especially since many funded projects involve multiple funding agencies. Well-designed coordination activities amongst funders can help stretch limited public dollars further and streamline the efforts of both small systems and funding agencies.

Available Services: The EFCN can work to establish or strengthen statewide unified funding committees to aid small water systems in navigating the funding process.  The EFCN will meet with funding agencies to schedule a “one stop shop” in which all funders will be asked to participate. Small systems, particularly those most in need of funding due to compliance issues or other serious concerns, will be invited to talk to funders.  The EFCN is also able to provide one-on-one assistance to help systems access funding.

For more information on workshop agendas, locations, and times, visit our Upcoming Trainings page.

Stacey Isaac Berahzer
Environmental Finance Center at UNC Chapel Hill