Southern New Jersey Asset Management Workshop


Monroe MUA
372 South Main Street, Williamstown, NJ 08094

Date: 6/5/2013
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The New Jersey Bureau of Safe Drinking Water (BSDW) would like NJ small water systems to  take advantage of the opportunity  to participate in the free workshops to help water utilities initiate asset management plans (AMP) utilizing the services of the  Environmental Finance Centers (EFC).

In order to make the session as helpful for your system as possible, below is a suggested list of items that should be brought if they are available.   It is understood that you may have few, if any, of these items. Please feel comfortable with bringing whatever you have and we can work with you.

PowerPoint Presentation: Asset Management Core Components


System O&M manual

Asset Inventory – can be a print out or the actual electronic inventory (i.e., if the electronic inventory can be brought on a laptop or a jump drive)

Written copies of  Asset ID Numbering system and  Asset condition rating system

Map of the system if able to bring one; In lieu of a map, description of what type of mapping exists

What process is used to update mapping information or inventory information

Goals of the water system

Rate structure

Capital Improvements Planning Process

Preventative Maintenance Program

Staffing (Number, types of positions)

If any written process for Asset Management exists, bring it along

Any agreement with customers that describes what the utility will provide customers

Description of any existing loans or grants for capital projects


Any type of criticality or risk assessment for the utility

Governing body resolutions or written requirements to do all or portions of asset management

Any type of energy assessment or energy management process

A valuation of the system

Replacement cost of assets

Any standards regarding how long assets last in this system

General descriptive information regarding the system (how many connections and customers, how many systems are run by this utility and whether it is just water or water and other utilities, source of water, type of treatment, demographics of community, miles of pipe, year operations started, ownership structure)

A description of any asset management committee or workgroups, including who’s on it, who runs it, how often it meets, how long it meets