Collaboration Opportunities for Small Drinking Water Systems


West Memphis Public Library
213 N. Avalon St., West Memphis, AR 72301

Date: 4/30/2014
Time: 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Almost all systems face difficulties meeting regulatory compliance, providing excellent customer service, and managing their assets in the current climate of extremely limited dollars.  Small water systems face even greater difficulties since they have much more limited personnel and financial resources, often referred to as a lack of economy of scale.  One approach to reducing the barriers and increasing the economy of scale is to work cooperatively with other water systems who share geography or other common concerns.  There are many, many ways to collaborate and it is possible to structure collaboration between systems in a way that meets the needs of the individual water systems.  The possibilities include everything from very informal informational sharing to more formal collaborative arrangements that include sharing an operator or manager or developing an emergency interconnection.   This meeting provided an opportunity to share with fellow systems attendees common concerns and explore potential collaborative arrangements to see if there are any options that could help them address water or financial resource, infrastructure, or personnel concerns.