SD Asset Management Workshop 4

Location: Online! Cost: Free Date: 4/21/2014 Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT This web meeting served as the final Asset Management workshop in the series provided to water systems in South Dakota.  

Collaboration Opportunities for Small Drinking Water Systems

West Memphis Public Library 213 N. Avalon St., West Memphis, AR 72301 Date: 4/30/2014 Time: 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM Almost all systems face difficulties meeting regulatory compliance, providing excellent customer service, and managing their assets in the current climate of extremely limited dollars.  Small water systems face even greater difficulties since they have much more limited personnel and financial resources, often …

WEBINAR: Ask the Expert: A Unique Opportunity to Ask Your Asset Management Questions or Seek Advice on How to Begin (April 24, 2014)

If you have been to an asset management training or have considered or even started asset management activities, you probably have generated many questions about the process. For example, “Where is a good place to start?” or “What options do I have for mapping my system?” or “How do I number my assets?” You may have specific questions regarding something you’ve tried and had difficulty with. This webinar will provide you with a unique opportunity to ask any and all questions regarding asset management or implementing asset management. An asset management practitioner – Ross Waugh – with extensive experience implementing the process in New Zealand will be here to answer your questions. This will be a great chance to hear information regarding what has worked elsewhere in the world and to learn from those experiences. If you don’t have any questions of your own, you can still greatly benefit from listening in to the questions of others. This webinar will be hosted by the Environmental Finance Center Network.

Gallup, NM Asset Management Workshop: What’s in it for me?

UNM Gallup Campus, Calvin Hall, Room 102 705 Gurley Ave, Gallup NM 87301 Date: 4/28/2014 Time: 9:00 – 12:30 Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Am I spending my revenue dollars in the best way possible?” or “I can’t do everything I would like to do with my system, so how do I decide what is best for me …

EPA Region 5 Leadership workshop

Medina County Library, Community Room A 201 S. Broadway St, Medina O.H. 44256 Dates and Times: 4/29/2014: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, and 4/30/2014: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM Leadership happens at every level of an organization regardless of the organization’s type or size. There are often strong stakeholder perspectives surrounding water issues as well as numerous challenges and opportunities. …

Webinar: Water & Sewer Rates Analysis Tool

Does your system charge your customers the correct amount for water? This webinar will help systems answer this question by demonstrating the Water & Sewer Rates Analysis Model, an Excel tool developed by the Environmental Finance Center at The University of North Carolina. This free, basic cash-flow modeling tool allows water systems to input their current rate structure, estimates on number of customers and water use, and the expected costs for the system. The tool then automatically projects the end-of-year fund balance for the next several years, indicating whether revenues will be high enough to cover expected expenses. Users can then enter in another rate structure and compare the end-of-year fund balance side-by-side to the one projected using current rates. This allows users to try out scenarios of adjusting their rates to meet their financial goals in the next few years, and can help users determine whether they need to adjust rates, and by how much, in order to achieve financial sufficiency. The tool can be used by systems that set volumetric charges for water as well as systems that only charge flat monthly fees.

WEBINAR: Asset Management Core Component 1 – The Current State of the Assets (rebroadcast)

This is an opportunity for your water system to participate in a training event that will help the utility answer the question, “How can we spend our limited dollars to have the greatest impact?” This webinar will provide an overview of Asset Management and discuss the first core component of Asset Management, The Current State of the Assets.

WEBINAR: Water Loss Reduction – Part III

This webinar will focus on strategically deploying water loss detection methodologies. Often times, people believe they either conduct leak detection activities on the whole system or not at all. There are several other possibilities of deploying water loss detection methodologies. The decision-making process will be explored in this webinar.

WEBINAR: Water Loss Reduction – Part II

This webinar will focus on the four methods of reducing real water loss: responding to known leaks faster, asset management, pressure management, and finding hidden leaks. The emphasis will be on tools and techniques that can be used to find hidden leaks including considerations regarding the use of these techniques (such as: pipe types and sizes, cost, personnel requirements, system requirements etc.)

WEBINAR: Water Loss Reduction – Part I

The EFCN is hosting a three-part water loss reduction webinar series for small systems serving 10,000 or fewer customers. This series will offer participants an introduction to establishing an effective water loss control program at their water system. Participants will learn about the different parts of the water balance equation, performing a water audit at their system and how to begin to address non-revenue water including both apparent losses and real losses (leakage). The first webinar will focus on establishing the baseline of your water loss. It will include information regarding water loss auditing.